This man saved Girl Scouts from the cold by buying almost $800 worth of cookies

Must See 01/03/2019

Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing in the US, with girls all over the country trying their best to sell cookies to raise funds for their community. The initiative is supposed to teach the girls life-long skills while helping raise the funds. 

It's the middle of winter in the US at the moment though, which means the girls are out in all sorts of weather trying to make sales.

This week in South Carolina, the temperature was 1 degree celcius - almost literally freezing. A group of girl scouts were out selling cookies at a stand in Greenville when a man approached and ended up racking up an impressive tab.

AFacebook post by the Girl Scout leader Kayla Dillard said:

“This man purchased 7 packs of cookies. Gave the girls $40, told them to keep the change,” she wrote on the post. “Then he came back to the table and said ‘pack up all of your cookies. I’m taking them all so y’all can get out of this cold’ $540 he spent on cookies. What an amazing soul!!!!”

“It was about 34 degrees [Farenheit] outside that night and we were there for about two hours already before he came. We all were shocked. The girls were very excited and thankful.”

The mystery man has yet to be identified, even with the post gaining tens of thousands of likes and shares.