The best day and time to book flights

travel 07/03/2019

Flights are often the largest single cost of a holiday, so it's understandable that we spend a lot of time trying to get the cheapest.

Research suggests travellers can make as many as 50 searches before making a decision on what flights to book.

New data from Expedia and the Airline Reporting Corporation has revealed you can save sometimes nearly half of your airfare simply by changing the day you depart of make the reservation.

Researchers trawled through the data of over 50 billion flights to work out a way to identify the best deals.

Although the information was collected worldwide, these results are specifically for the New Zealand market.

The best day for deals:

The best day to book your fare: Tuesday.

The best day to start your travel: Tuesday.

The worst day for deals:

The worst day to book your fare: Saturday.

The worst day to start your travel: Sunday.

Demi Kavaratzis, from Expedia NZ, says airfares are slowly rising, so it's best to book early.

"Globally, in 2018, we saw flight prices increase on average by 5 percent, compared to 2017. If this trend continues, now is the best time to lock in your 2019 travel."


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