Sol3 Mio break down during gorgeous tribute for Christchurch victims

Must See 18/03/2019

Sol3 Mio singer Pene Pati has broken down on stage while performing a song dedicated to the victims of the Christchurch mosque massacre.

Pati is married to successful soprano Amina Edris who is an Egyptian-born New Zealander. The opera singer told The Project on Friday that his uncle-in-law was one of the people shot.

During a concert in Palmerston North on Friday, the opera trio sang an emotionally charged rendition of Coldplay's 'Fix You'.

In a particularly rousing part of the song, Pati was unable to contain his grief and broke down. He was comforted by his fellow singers, and was able to continue.

In an earlier social media post, the singer said: "My wife cries from the other side of the world today as her uncle is one of the injured (still waiting on hospital whether he has survived or not) in the incident today in Christchurch."

"My heart breaks. Tonight. What have we come to? I feel completely powerless and I refuse to believe the news. Tonight, I will sing for my people in Christchurch. This is not us. 

"We are not violent people. This has NO place in Aotearoa. In my solitude on stage, I will have you in my thoughts and may my voice console you. I am truly heartbroken."