Primary school sweethearts with Down's Syndrome share an adorable Valentine's Day dance

Must See 08/03/2019

Two primary school age friends who have Down's Syndrome shared a spontaneous dance in their classroom on Valentine’s Day, and footage of their adorable moves have gone viral, melting hearts everywhere.

Sophie, 10, and Graham, 8, attend Westwood Elementary in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and have been "drawn to each other" ever since becoming friends earlier this year, their special education teacher, Maureen Lawson says. 

Lawson knew the two were the best of friends, but wasn't sure what prompted their adorable moment on Valentine's Day. "I turned around and they were just slow dancing and there was no music. I had never seen them dance before. They were just doing something sweet and fun. Our classroom was very busy at the time, but they just decided to dance, with no music and no talking."

"Sophie is new this year, and she and Graham just hit it off really well. Sometimes friendships for children living with cognitive abilities is a hard thing," Lawson continued.

She decided to film the sweet moment and later posted in to the school's Facebook page, which has since been viewed millions of times. 

"The response to the video has been incredible. The video is so touching that you cannot help but smile. It has been wonderful." Westwood Principal Darren Nelson said.

Check out the sweet pair below: