Powerful 'We Are One' film fronted by students

Must See 28/03/2019

A group of young Kiwi students has released a powerful film calling for unity in response to the Christchurch terror attacks.

The film was made by Sione's Wedding director Chris Graham and college students at the World Vision New Zealand's Youth Leadership Conference, held last week.

In it, they urge all New Zealanders to make a stand in order to make a difference.

 "Seeing the shooting, it makes me think - have I been racist? Have I been saying small jokes that have given people the idea that this is ok, that it's ok to hurt people because they are different?" asks Emma.

"We have to make a stand for this. We need to be different from other countries, so that we can change for the future, so that this does not happen ever again," says Lexus.

The film also features Muslim student Neheeda, who says she's noticed a change since the attack.

"Since Friday, I have seen a huge shift in the way people look at me. There's much more respect, much more love," she says.

"Now we're more like brothers and sisters, we've been closer than we've ever been."

World Vision New Zealand national director Grant Bayldon says the film shows students are committed to reaching out to forge a better future.


"Across the world, I have seen first-hand the strength that comes from working across ethnic and religious divides," he says.

"The things that unite us as people are stronger than those that divide us - the outpouring of love and solidarity we have seen since Friday is a reminder to me of this."