Moving service held for Christchurch victims in Hagley park

Must See 25/03/2019

New Zealand has lived through 10 days of pain since the mosque attacks - but as a nation, we're still feeling it keenly.

A huge vigil was held in Christchurch on Sunday afternoon, with a crowd of thousands stopping to listen as the call to prayer echoed across Hagley Park. 

The vigil then fell to silence, broken by a sobering reminder: the names of the 50 people killed in the March 15 terror attack.

The reality of what happened is still on the minds of the thousands who met at the park, which is just across the road from the Al Noor Mosque where 42 people were killed. 

"[I'm] realising that everyone's feeling the same really, just full of sadness and wanting to support the community as well," one woman told Newshub.

"[I'm feeling] all stages of grief, normal stages of grief," said another. "Sad, angry, amazed by how New Zealand has come together."

"It will be something we'll always remember," another woman said.

The people of Christchurch have responded to the devastating massacre with a show of unity.

"Whatever happens will never, never separate us," Linwood mosque Imam Alabi Lateef Zirullah told the crowd.

At the same time as the Hagley Park vigil, an Auckland rally against racism drew thousands into the streets of the central city.