Man finds hidden letter in walls which paints the perfect picture of the 1980s

Must See 01/03/2019

Many years ago Ted Witterick wrote a letter for the people of the future. He packaged this letter in a cigarette box, and he placed this in the walls of a house he had built by the seaside. 

Now 40 years later years after he passed the letter which was written in 1981 has been found by another man building that same house. 

"Yours from the past,"  was on the front of the letter.  

This letter has perfectly painted a picture of the New Zealand climate during the 1980s.

This cigarette packet when full cost $1.08, milk is 25c a pint, bread about 60c a loaf," he wrote.

"Petrol is $10 for 15 litres, 4 litres of oil paint $25, matches 8c a box, we changed to decimal currency in 1973 and 1 pound = $2."

The Space Shuttle had just made its first successful flight, Prime Minister Robert Muldoon was "facing an election threat from Social Credit" and, locally, water from the town supply had just been laid on.

"Half a gallon of sherry $8.50, $3.20 per bottle beer, in cans $11 a box. Inland letter rate 25c per letter."

"I hope you found this of interest, don't criticise my building skills - I'm a technician in Victoria University and travel in daily by car. 1971 Viva."

Ray Levy was the lucky man to have found this letter. He purchased the property in 2008 and found the peice of history when putting in a new fireplace.

"I found a Winfield packet and the letter was just inside, I thought 'this is pretty cool'."

"Everyone is saying 'he would be looking down from heaven and smiling' and I think 'no he wouldn't, he was an atheist'."