John Mayer launches new organisation to aid war veterans

Must See 08/03/2019

Singer and songwriter John Mayer has officially launched a new organisation named 'The Heart and Armor Foundation', dedicated to tackling the various health issues that faced by combat veterans.

The foundation was originally formed back in 2012, boasting a team of veterans, scientists and clinicians, but was only officially announced last week. It's particularly focused on post-traumatic stress disorder associated with war and issues that directly effect the growing number of women veterans.

Mayer is the son of a World War II veteran, and was inspired to start the Heart and Armor Foundation after visiting the Marine Corps Base Camp in North Carolina in 2008: "It was going to the wounded warrior barracks that I think changed me forever. It immediately showed me that my notion of what I think [are] the wounds of war are completely wrong. The way in which I was proven wrong was so compelling and fascinating and nuanced."

Mayer spoke in an interview of the work the foundation has already done, saying: "We’re going to the public with things like published research papers and having raised enough money to really build some pilot programs. We have some really great data and… we want it to be working first so that a lot of the questions were answered before we brought things to people by way of awareness."

The Heart and Armor Foundation has already developed an exercise routine to help with the effects of PTSD and made a screening tool for nutrition in women veterans. Along with its ongoing health and research efforts, they will also conduct outreach efforts to unite military and veteran communities. 

The first event took place last week, titled 'How War Changes Women, How Women Change War', which was streamed on Facebook - you can watch it below: