Jacinda Ardern speaks to the Breeze about the tragic events in Christchurch

Must See 18/03/2019

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been praised internationally for her response to the Christchurch terror attack.

Dave and Hilary had her on the phone this morning, for the full interveiw listen above. 

While the country reeled from the attack, the 38-year-old leader has been commended for showing calmness, compassion and empathy.

"She promptly labelled the worst peacetime mass killing in New Zealand as terrorism, and set about reassuring a nation that has been largely unscathed by the violence and fears that have afflicted other countries in the past two decades," Reuters reports.

The New York Times wrote that Ardern's vision of kindness in politics has been tested by the worst mass murder in New Zealand's modern history.