Grandma regrets taking photo on an iceberg as it floats away

Must See 06/03/2019

A 77-year-old grandmother had to be rescued after an attempt to pose for a regal inspired photograph went awry.

Judith Streng told ABC News she was tempted by the fun shape of the iceberg.

"It was shaped like an easy place to sit. You can tell by looking at the shape of it, and I thought, 'Well it looks like fun!'"

Ms Streng and her son Rod were travelling through Iceland when the opportunity to pose arose.

However, once she had seated herself on the ice throne, it began to float away.

"I thought it was safe," the thrill seeking grandma told ABC News. "One girl had been on it, and then two girls at the same time, and it was very secure with them.

"But I don't weigh very much, so it was a little easier to float off with me I guess."

Luckily, a passing boater plucked her from her makeshift throne as he happened to be passing by as Ms Streng floated towards open ocean.

Her son texted his daughter about Ms Streng's icy mishap, and the exchange has now gone viral on Twitter with over 71,500 retweets and hundreds of comments.