Disabled duck given special wheelchair to help him walk

Must See 01/03/2019

Be prepared for some serious cuteness:

Merlin, a domestic duck that was adopted by Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary in New Jersey late last year, was found to be lame in one leg - leaving him unable to walk or swim. 

So upon taking in Merlin, the sanctuary got in contact with Walkin' Pets, a business whose sole purpose is to construct bespoke walking and wheeling aids for animals. What an amazing job!

Walkin' Pets then set about coming up with a solution to get Merlin back on his feet. Starting off with a wheelchair that is usually for cats and dogs, they made some special modifications and tweaks so that it would accommodate a duck. And just like that, Merlin was up and about.

Mark Robinson, who founded Walkin' Pets back in 2001, said: "I was thrilled my company was able to help a handicapped duck, our first one ever."

Walkin' Pets' social media co-ordinator Mikayla Feehan commented: "We took a road trip to New Jersey earlier this month to visit Goats of Anarchy, who rescue disabled animals. Merlin was born with an injured leg and they reached out to us to fit him with a wheelchair. We have never made one for a duck so one of our engineers adjusted a mini quad wheelchair just for him. Watching him take his first steps was really cool. Once he was all rigged up, it was truly amazing. It's not every day you get to see animals take their first steps. The wheelchair can go into water we would just recommend avoiding salt water to keep the wheelchair in tip top shape."

Since starting out in 2001, Walkin' Pets has provided more than 50,000 animals from all across the world with a way of walking - what absolute angels!