Chelsea Winter announces first pregnancy in baking inspired post

Must See 14/03/2019

Celebrity chef Chelsea Winter announced her pregnancy, calling it her "sweetest creation yet".

The 2012 Masterchef NZ winner posted an image of three measuring spoons on Facebook on Wednesday; a tablespoon, teaspoon and quarter teaspoon.

"There's currently a little Chelsea Bun baking away in the oven!" she told her nearly 400,000 followers.

"Yep, Douglas and I are absolutely chuffed to announce we're expecting the arrival of a delicious bundle later this year. We're both just so grateful and uber excited for what the future holds (lots of pureeing, probably)."

Winter has kept her relationship with partner Douglas Renall low key on social media, after splitting from ex-husband Mike Bullot early last year. 

"And for the rest of you, thank you for all your beautiful comments. I'm touched by all your kind words. Please save them up, because I hope one day in the not too distant future, you'll need them for real."