Cat Stevens on performing for victims of Christchurch terror attack

Must See 29/03/2019

By Emma Cropper from Newshub:

Singer-songwriter Yusuf Islam, formally known as Cat Stevens, has arrived in Christchurch ahead of Friday's Remembrance Service, standing in solidarity with the Muslim community.

Escorted by an entourage out a side door, Yusuf's feet firmly on New Zealand ground, his thoughts with those most hurt in the terror attack.

"It's a sign of human concern that we all share together the pain which is obviously been inflicted here in this most remote part of the world," he told Newshub.

It's to show the unity we all have which is great.

It was in the late 70's when Cat Stevens was at the peak of his career when the singer shocked the world.

Putting down the guitars, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusuf.

On the day of the Christchurch attack Yusuf posted on Instagram a white dove and a silver fern with the caption reading: "May god bless the souls who came to worship him in peace".

Yusuf making a special trip around the world to Christchurch, his songs and faith to be used to unite a city trying to recover from a hate fuelled attack.