Young boy born without brain grows it back

Must See 22/02/2019

A UK boy born who was born with a tiny brain has become a medical marvel, after he survived and his brain "grew back".

Shelley and Rob Wall were told during pregnancy that their son only had 2 percent of a brain. They say they were strongly advised to terminate their pregnancy on five separate occasions.

The couple were told their son would never talk, see, hear or eat.

Despite the doctors' advice, the Walls decided to continue their pregnancy. Mr Wall says he thinks a lot of younger parents may not have stuck with it

"I think possibly, if younger people were offered that choice, they may have felt pressured to take it," he told ITV's Good Morning Britain.

"Because we're older parents, we know our own minds and we're positive people. We wanted to give Noah the chance of life."

Now six years old, their son Noah has 80 percent of his brain, reports Good Morning Britain.

Noah was taken to Australia for brain development treatment. He underwent a treatment known as "neurophysics", which is a mix of physiotherapy and cognitive exercises.

Incredibly, he learnt how to sit up unaided and even go surfing. He now has goals to learn to walk, ski and continue surfing.