Why breakfast may not be the most important meal

Must See 11/02/2019

The theory that breakfast is the most important meal of the day may not be true after all.

A study published in the British Medical journal, led by Australian researchers, found that breakfast doesn't curb your appetite throughout the day and the calories we eat are not metabolised better.

"For some people, it's fantastic, but for other people it's one of the worst things they could do for their health," said nutritionist Natalie Brady.

Research Professor Flavia Cicuttini said breakfast also not help you lose weight.

"We were concerned that this belief may not make a lot of sense. The evidence suggests that adding breakfast if you don't really feel like it is much more likely to make you gain weight," she said.

The researchers analysed evidence from 13 studies from the last 28 years and found that those who ate breakfast consumed an average of 260 calories per day. Those who skipped breakfast were on average 0.44kg lighter.

People Newshub spoke to said without breakfast, they felt tired all day.

But Ms Brady said everyone is different, and people should do what feels right for them. High protein breakfasts with eggs or protein yogurt, nuts, seeds or oats are the healthiest.

Children should also still eat their breakfast as it is "really important for their mental alertness and concentration and attentiveness"," said Ms Brady.