Whittaker's releases surprising and delicious new chocolate!

Must See 15/02/2019

Whittaker's has released a new type of chocolate today and we are very excited!

They have partnered with Plunket and created a Coconut Ice flavoured chocolate bar. The fun part about this new product is that you don't know what colour you will get until you open it. Some of the blocks are blue and some are pink, they taste identical but have an element of surprise!

This block is the perfect for a gender reveal party, as seen below, Whittakers surprised Ashleigh by confirming she is expecting a girl! 

The most amazing part of this new bar is that every block bought, 20 cents is donated to Plunket for them to continue the fantastic work they do. We can't wait to try this, looks delicious!

This will hit our shelves 18th of Feb!