The top name bets for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby

Royal Family 01/02/2019

The countdown is very much on now, with only two months to go until the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcome their first child.

The bookies have been inundated with bets for everything, from the baby's weight to the exact day and time he or she will be born. The biggest bet apart from gender (which bets have been closed for), is of course the baby's name. 

Here are the top picks on betting site Ladbrokes UK for both male and female names:

Top female names:
The favourite names for a baby girl are Victoria, followed by Diana, then Alice. These names have the lowest betting odds, with 8/1, 10/1 and 12/1 respectively. Here's the full list of top name bets:

8/1 Victoria
10/1 Diana
12/1 Alice
16/1 Elizabeth
16/1 Mary
20/1 Alexandra
20/1 Grace
25/1 Frances
33/1 Alexandria
33/1 Harriet
50/1 Amelia
50/1 Caroline
50/1 Doria
50/1 Emily
50/1 Florence
50/1 Georgiana
50/1 Helena
50/1 Isabelle
50/1 Matilda
50/1 Nancy

Top Male names:
The top bets for names for a baby boy are Albert, Philip, Arthur and James. Here's the full list:

12/1 Albert
12/1 Philip
16/1 Arthur
16/1 James
20/1 Alexander
25/1 Charles
25/1 Edward
25/1 Henry
25/1 Thomas
33/1 Frederick
33/1 Richard
33/1 Spencer
33/1 William
50/1 Andrew
50/1 Benjamin
50/1 Francis
50/1 Jack
50/1 Oliver
66/1 Michael
66/1 Sebastian

Harry and Meghan may surprise us all and go for something completely unique though - not long to go until we know for sure!