The secret clue on your car dash

Must See 07/02/2019

There are few things more irritating than arriving at the petrol station, getting out of your car, and paying - only to then realise your petrol hatch door is on the wrong side.

But a recent tweet shows there's a way to avoid that awkward reverse-shuffle-u-turn dance in your car you have to do to get close enough to fill up.

The secret is in a little known symbol on your car's dashboard.

Hidden in your petrol gauge - between the letters signifying empty and full, and next to the little pump symbol - is a tiny arrow. Whichever way that arrow is pointing is the side that your petrol hatch door is.

Did you know this hack? If you did, it seems as if you were in the minority with many people taking to Twitter to share their excitement for this time-saving trick!