The best ways to help the Nelson fire victims

Must See 11/02/2019

The ongoing Nelson Fires have left many people in the community without necessities. The volunteers who are helping to serve the victims of the fire has been overwhelmed with the donation. However, they do have some requests with donations.

The volunteers say the most essential thing they need is sunscreen and thick socks.

"We started off with about four people and some bread and muesli bars, it just snowballed from there."

They have since had truckloads of fruit and vegetables for the volunteers to cook into great healthy meals. 


Even the family who lost their own house donated bottles of water because they wanted to help.

We also need Poise pads for some of the elderly people who are coming here. We were only given one pack of those.

The best way to help if you are outside of Nelson is by sending donated goods to 142 Saxton Road East, Stoke, Nelson 7011, all the help is much appreciated.