The $5 cleaning hack you need to know

Must See 20/02/2019

A British Instagram star has shared her $5 hack for deep cleaning home carpets, and it's really sent the internet into a tailspin.

Sophie Hinchliffe, known to her nearly two million followers as 'Mrs Hinch' uses an unsuspecting item to clean her impeccable carpets - a basic window squeegee.

One like this, which you could find at any Bunnings or Kmart.

According to her Instagram, the 28-year-old cleaning guru uses the squeegee to scrape up hidden dust, dirt and hair up from the fibres. She told followers they'd be shocked at what dirt is hiding deep in the carpet.

She added that it was ideal for getting to hard-to-reach areas like corners and up the stairs.

It didn't take long for other social media users to give the technique a try, leaving many stunned.

"Fully recommend taking a cheap clean squeegee and going at ur carpet [sic]" wrote one Twitter user.

"I hoover once a week but still got this out my hallway."

"Always thought we had clean carpets but after using @mrshinchhome tip to squeegee the carpet, all this pet hair came up - disgusted is an understatement," wrote another.

Hinchliffe told the Sun last year she created the Mrs Hinch account two years ago to avoid "clogging up my personal Instagram and boring everyone with home pictures". She says cleaning helps her cope with "anxiety and panic attacks" - becoming an online sensation is just a side effect.