Phil Collins wows crowd in Christchurch last night

Must See 05/02/2019

Phil Collins long-awaited return to New Zealand finally happened last night at his first concert at Christchurch Stadium. 

A fantastic night and we had perfect weather for a stadium concert. His "Not Dead Yet" set was terrific, and some lucky fans got the best seats in the house, for free! 

A neighbouring retirement village, they too are 'not dead yet' and enjoyed the concert last night also. 

A couple of hours before the show started, the residents were already in the swing of it.

A third-floor lounge at Parklane Retirement Village overlooks AMI Stadium where Collins will take to the stage. The best seats in their house are already taken

This is not the first time residents have enjoyed the perks of living so close to the stadium - first it was the Foo Fighters and then Bruce Springsteen.

"With the screens and everything down there and the stage, you can see it all as clear as anything," one resident says.

On Monday night, the village put on wine and cheese for the residents and families are invited along to listen and watch the show.

"I think having the ability to enjoy the atmosphere of a concert and just having it your door step for residents who can't actually get there, it's a wonderful thing we are able to have here," says Parkland Village resident Aleshia Rayner.

Maggie Wyse has waited her whole life to see her "heart-throb" Collins take stage - but she never guessed it would be from the comfort of her rest home.

"I'm going to be boogying all night - I ain't going to be sitting down. I like to dance," she says.

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