Michael Bublé pokes fun at his own name

Must See 07/02/2019

Buble has been seen poking fun at his name in a very entertaining ad. As a part of the Super bowl this week, the Pepsi ambassador was in the ad endorsing that Pepsi's new brand of sparkling water is 'Bubly'

"I love the concept of the ad. I loved that it was making fun of the name," Bublé told CNN in a recent interview. "The truth is, I had never heard of Bubly water."

It's not the first time people have taken advantage of my name and making fun of it, 

"I remember walking onto the set of 'Saturday Night Live' (in 2010) and me and Jon Hamm were talking and Seth Meyers walked up to us and he said, 'Listen, I've written this thing, it's really funny it's called Hamm and Bublé -- it's a sketch about Jon owning this place that only sells the finest pork and champagne products.' I thought it was hilarious and we were both so giddy about it, and I had the same feeling when I got to read the (Bubly) script."

We love what a good sport Buble is!