Meghan Markle's hack for cooking the best pasta

Food 08/02/2019

Is there anything Meghan Markle can't do? She's a great actress, she's very beautiful, she's carrying a royal baby and, as it turns out, she can cook amazing pasta.

It shouldn't be a surprise. Before Markle became the world's favourite Duchess, she had a foodie Instagram page, documenting meals from around the word, including those she whipped up in her own kitchen.

During an interview with Dish, Markle chatted  about what she eats during an average day, and casually dropped a mind-blowing hack for slow-cooked "sexy" pasta sauce in the process. While she's been banned from eating plenty of foods whilst touring as a Royal, hopefully this one's still on the 'OK' list. 

Now Delish have recreated this amazing 'zucchini bolognaise' sauce themselves.

Let's break it down (like the zucchini).

The Duchess starts by cooking onions until soft, before adding chopped zucchini, stock, water, salt and pepper.

She then covers the pot, and cooks the mix for around four hours, until the zucchini is falling apart. The slow cooking process breaks down the zucchini into a super creamy sauce.

"It will be mushy, and that's good!" the recipe notes.

At the end of cooking, you whip up some pasta, add the sauce, and top with parmesan.

That's it!

Markle told Delish she learnt to make the sauce from a friend, calling it "filthy, sexy mush". (We're guessing she probably wouldn't be allowed to say that now.)

"The sauce gets so creamy, you'd swear there's tons of butter and oil in it, but it's just zucchini, water, and a little bouillon."

You can find the full recipe here.