Lady Gaga reveals the story behind the final scene of 'A Star is Born' and it's heartbreaking

Must See 01/02/2019

One of the best movies of 2018 without a doubt, 'A Star is Born' was both stunning and heartbreaking.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's performaces were incredible, choosing to sing live instead of pre-recording the songs which packed an even more emotional punch. 

There was one scene in particular though that had many in tears, where Gaga performed 'I'll Never Love Again'. You can watch the video above to refresh your memory.

Earlier this month a new featurette was released for the movie, and it sees Gaga revealing the tragic reason the scene was so moving.

Just prior to recording the song, Gaga was given the horrible news that one of her best friends, Sonja Durham, had passed away from stage four breast, brain and lung cancer. 

“I remember that day very unfondly, in a way. I actually left the set," Gaga said, speaking of the moment.

After speaking to Sonja's husband and deciding it's what she would have wanted, Gaga decided to carry on filming, and asked the extras in the audience to help her get through by using it as a tribute to Sonja. 

“If you could help me today, and really think of not just Sonja but how it feels to lose someone, think of her husband maybe, for me. I think that energy will penetrate this room. I think she'll hear it," she told the extras. 

Lady Gaga also posted a moving tribute to Sonja on Instagram not long after her passing: