Kid's touching letter to Mum, who lost cattle in floods

Must See 12/02/2019

A Queensland cattle owner has been moved to tears after her young children offered up their personal savings to help the family in the wake of brutal flooding in the area.

Jaye Hall, who owns a 45,000-acre stud farm in northwest Queensland, has lost about half of her stud cattle after nine days of rain left the property in a bog-like state.

But in the face of immense difficulty, she has been moved to tears by the kindness of her kids, who wrote her a touching letter acknowledging her hardship and offering their assistance.

"We are sorry about all of these cattle. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know. Hope you start to feel better soon," the letter by Madison, 13, and Wyatt, 11, read.

"If we need more money you could take mine out of my bank and put it in yours. I could even sell some of my animals for money.

"We love you very much! From Madison and Wyatt XOX."

The adorable letter, which was posted to Facebook, has garnered more than 4000 reactions and countless comments marvelling at the young children's generosity.

Ms Hall told 7 News the note was "too nice" and "made [her] cry".

"I couldn't be more proud of them," Ms Hall said. "I take a lot of pride in our cattle and they know that... it takes a long time to breed a herd up."

The Queensland floods are believed to have killed hundreds of thousands of cattle, and farmers are said to be reporting 100 percent stock losses.