Heartwarming video of colour blind boy seeing in colour for the first time

Must See 21/02/2019

The moment a young American boy with colour blindness sees colour for the first time has been captured in a heart-warming video.

Tyler Muhr, an 11-year-old student at a Colorado school, was surprised by his classmates with corrective glasses which can help people with colour blindness.

The video shows Tyler putting on the glasses and looking around the room, amazed by the colours he said he could now see.

At one point he looks at a piece of multi-coloured fabric, taking his glasses on and off to see the difference, and when asked by a classmate if he could see the colour, he proclaims "yes".

The student told Denver7 that he was "amazed and shocked".

"It's impossible to wrap your mind around what's going on. I'm seeing things I've never thought of, never imagined," Tyler said.

"I just realised how much it meant to see this for the first time."