Picture perfect kiwi summer with a sheep wandering the beach

Must See 04/02/2019

Adorable photos have been posted to Facebook of an unusual visitor to an Auckland beach.

A lamb made a visit to Milford Reserve, on Auckland's North Shore on Friday afternoon, along with its owners.

The woolly wanderer was pictured getting pats from the locals, and even smiling for the camera.

Photo credit: Photo credit: Supplied/Murray Lamont

The man who posted the snaps to Facebook, Murray Lamont, said it wasn't something you see every day.

"Just when you think you've seen most things on a Kiwi beach, someone brings their pet sheep down for a walk!"

Photo credit: Photo credit: Supplied/Murray Lamont

He says the lamb was very good-natured, and not afraid of any other, more common pets.

"[The lamb] was friendly as, even with the dogs!"

The adorable animal's owners are locals to the area, which explains why it was so comfortable wandering the beach.

Although there wasn't a leash in sight, the lamb was wearing a very stylish collar, and clearly much loved by its human family.