Cheeky Wellington cat thief back at it again

Must See 13/02/2019

Meet 12-year-old Lala. The Burmese rag doll is the baby of Wellington resident Kylie O'Callaghan.

But Lala - legal name Alazay - is no ordinary cat. She's a feline kleptomaniac.

When she was a kitten, she started hunting tea bags that were left in her neighbour's garden, but soon moved on to more interesting items.

Lala ran into trouble recently when she was caught pussy-footing around with her neighbour's underwear.

When she was bringing home undies that were clearly not ours, we figured she must have gotten them somewhere local.

Lala has been guilty of taking the neighbour's items before, which Ms O'Callaghan has dutifully returned - but she hasn't confronted them about the stolen underwear.

"I've had socks, undies, a Converse shoe, a tampon - still in the packet - garden gloves, a coffee sachet, a cheerio sausage... when she doesn't have any luck with the neighbours' houses she takes teddies from my daughter's room."

Kylie wakes up most mornings to an array of her daughter's soft toys placed outside her bedroom door, hunted down by Lala during the night.

"I wish she had a camera on her collar so I could see what she does all day."

Kylie took to Facebook to share her cat's undercover life as a thief, where she found that many others could relate to her problem.

Facebook users shared what their cats had gifted them with in the middle of the night, including a Nerf gun bullet, leaves, and single shoes.

One user described Lala as "the real life Slinky Malinki ", a cat burglar who stars in a  series of books by New Zealand author Lynley Dodd.

Slinky is common cat during the day, but becomes a thief as soon as night falls - much like Lala.