Cadbury explains choice to change packaging

Must See 13/02/2019

Cadbury has responded to criticism over a decision to make its chocolate-based products smaller by reducing the size of its lolly packets as well.

The confectionary manufacturer has attracted major outrage from New Zealanders in recent months for shrinking some of its best-loved treats - from its Roses, to its marshmallow Easter eggs, to its family blocks.

But now it's come for the lollies, reducing its packets of sweets like Jubes, Wine Gums and Jet Planes from 240g to 180g. Mint Imperials are also dwindling by 25 percent - from 200g to 150g.

While that has constituted a price drop, Stuff reports that's only by 15 percent - from $3.29 to $2.79.

Fruit Bursts, Minties, Milk Bottles, Milk Shakes, Pineapple Lumps, Marshmallows and Eskimos have also all shrunk, with the cuts ranging from 22.7 percent to 11.8 percent.

Already criticism is rolling in on social media, with one person saying they're praying Mondelez, Cadbury's owner, doesn't buy the fledgling Tip-Top from Fonterra.

Another quipped that Cadbury was simply "responding to [the] obesity epidemic with brilliant, caring market ploys".