Woman discovers she adopted siblings, a year apart

Must See 14/01/2019

A solo mother who adopted two babies left at a hospital a year apart was shocked to discover they were brother and sister.

And now the Colorado woman plans to take on a third baby from the same birth mother.

Katie Page took home Grayson in 2016, the Daily Mail reports.

"The minute I saw him in the hospital, I fell in love," she recently told Good Morning America. "He's so calm and sweet."

In May 2017 when Grayson was 11 months, Ms Page formally adopted him - because no one had shown up to claim him.

"Part of me was relieved that no one came forward, so that he would be mine forever with no opposition," she wrote in a recent blog post.

"But there was always a pit in my stomach about one day having to tell my son no one showed up at his termination hearing."

Two weeks after formally adopting Grayson, Ms Page was asked if she'd adopt a second child left at the same hospital. A few hours later, Hannah was in her arms.

That's when the story took a strange turn. Ms Page noticed the first name of the mother on the hospital bracelet was the same as that given to the hospital by Grayson's mystery mum.

Despite Grayson's "beautiful darker skin and dark curly hair" and Hannah's "pale white skin tone with straight red-blonde hair", she had a nagging feeling.

A caseworker looked into it, and discovered the children were half-siblings.

"What if Baby Girl had gone to another family?' Ms Page wrote.

"We would have never found her or Grayson's mother. The connection would have never been made! I could not believe the miracle that had just happened."

So when the birth mother had another child, Ms Page didn't hesitate to say she'll adopt him too.

"Thirteen months after Hannah was born their birth mother welcomed another baby boy into this world whom we are fostering with great hopes to adopt in 2019."

The birth mother reportedly has "multiple other children" which Ms Page hasn't adopted, because they've already been placed with other loving parents.