Tips for easing back into work this week

Must See 15/01/2019

Getting back to work can sometimes be hard after a fantastic summer holiday,  and the great weather we've had!  These post-holiday blues won't last forever when you get back into the routine. We have made it easier by creating a list of 5 tips for easing yourself back into work. 

Make new habits

After your break, it is a great idea to form new habits while you get into a new routine. Instead of your old habit of eating lunch at your desk try to make an effort to take time to eat in a new spot and join a colleague in a communal office spot.

Bring your holiday to work

Just because you're back at work, it doesn't mean you have to stop doing the things you loved on holiday. Set aside time for a leisurely walk or incorporate a holiday routine which you loved into your work life. 

Take breaks

Taking breaks is crucial when you start back at work to not overwhelming yourself.  Just when you have a minute take a break for yourself to have a walk around and de-stress. 

Make plans after work

Keep planning entertaining things to do after work that could be as simple as inviting a friend around or going out for dinner with your family. It will make sure you have things to look forward to and make the work day a lot more enjoyable! 

Avoid social media

Some lucky people are still on holiday and posting over their social media. This will make you have extreme holiday envy so try to avoid social media during work hours as it could affect your mood!