Three small changes you can make to live a more eco-friendly life

Must See 25/01/2019

While we all want to take care of our beautiful planet and country, it can be hard to know what lifestyle changes to make that will make a genuine difference - and won't be too difficult to keep up.

Well busy professional and mum, Laura Byrne, has three simple tips for you to get on track for living a more eco-friendly life:

1. Steer clear of unknown ingredients.

"My rule of thumb for household products, which I also apply to food I buy, is that if I'm unsure of what the ingredients are, I'll try to stay away. I've switched all my cleaning and body products to ecostore, because it's an easy way to do it. It started when I was pregnant with my son – I was looking for products that are less harsh on the body and the environment without having to make things from scratch myself," says Laura.

2. Wave goodbye to your car commute.

"We're a one-car family and my husband bought an e-bike a year ago. He's just about paid it off through savings on bus fares and it now takes him 17 minutes to commute from door-to-door, whereas the bus took 40 minutes. Plus, going to and from work every day he gets exercise that he wouldn't have otherwise," Laura explains.

3. Use naturally derived oral care.

Laura recommends using oral care derived from natural ingredients, considering toothbrushes and toothpaste are something we use multiple times a day, every day. Packaging and toothbrushes made from plant plastic and natural ingredients toothpaste are a great way to go.

These easy steps will hopefully set you on the right track to caring for your environment, as well as looking out for your health!