More blistering heat on the way

Must See 23/01/2019

Temperatures are set to spike this weekend as heat levels rise around the country.

North, east and inland areas will be hit worst, with temperatures climbing over 30degC on Monday in places like Blenheim, Hastings and Napier.

"In fact highs inland in some areas may reach towards the mid-30s next week in some pockets as temperatures soar thanks to northerly quarter wind," Weather Watch says.

The Waikato will climb into the low 30s, while many other regions and coastal towns will hover under 30degC.

"It's not just the east and north - southern parts of the South Island will bounce back to summer after some chilly days this week," Weather Watch says.

"By the weekend Alexandra will be cracking the 30degC mark. Coastal Southland will warm up several degrees next week but the hottest weather will be further inland."

It's good news for Aucklanders, who will enjoy a hot and dry three-day weekend.

"Each day progressively should get hotter with Monday looking hot, dry and fairly sunny in most places," Weather Watch says.