Martha Stewart shares strange scrambled eggs hack

Food 10/01/2019

Martha Stewart may be known as the queen of the kitchen, but her latest cooking hack has fans scratching their heads.

In a video posted to the Food Network's Twitter page, the TV personality and convicted criminal lets viewers in on her "very fun way to make scrambled eggs" - blasting them with the steam wand of her coffee machine.

In the video, Stewart, 77, adds salt, pepper and butter to a jug of whisked eggs, before inserting the coffee machine's steam wand into the mixture.

"It steams the eggs into the softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs," she tells viewers.

"These eggs are buttery and light and delicious, and it's a conversation piece in your kitchen too... scrambled eggs a la cappuccino machine".

Although the eggs do look pretty delicious, many of her fans were not convinced.

"Next up: How to cook a brisket in your dishwasher," wrote one fan on Twitter.

"There's literally 16 burners behind, why people always gotta get cute with stuff?," another asked, while another pointed out that, "Nobody with an egg allergy can have coffee made on that machine." 

Some with a vested interest in coffee-making were particularly horrified.

"As a barista, I wish you luck cleaning that steam wand... we cringe when we have to clean heavy cream out, and y'all put the steam wand in EGGS," a fan wrote.

The video has so far racked up over 80,000 views, but it's hard to say how many will be giving it a go themselves.