Kiwi woman goes viral after speaking out against her beach body shamers

Must See 16/01/2019

A woman who was laughed at while taking off her sarong at Mt Maunganui Beach has gone viral with her post about encouraging positive body images.

Writing on her Facebook page, 'Bald and Beautiful', Shelly Proebstel from Waipa explain the incident that occurred over the weekend.

"To the guys who pointed and laughed when I took my sarong off today at Mt Maunganui Beach, baring my soul (my bikini body) to the world, I just want to say (excuse my language but) **** YOU!" she wrote.

"It’s because of ****heads like you that people are so incredibly insecure about their body image... No, you are not responsible for the entirety. But YES, you have to take some responsibility."

Next time you see someone like me on the beach in a bikini or in a situation similar, before you laugh and point, take a moment to think about the damage you may just do, because not every person, young or old, male or female, will have learnt to have the thick skin, or the resilience, or the self-confidence, that I do to brush it off.

Flooded with support about her viral bikini body post, she thanked her supporters and wrote that even her "haters" prove her points about body image.

"The message, put simply, is stop judging a person based on their looks. It’s like the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. You have no idea what’s going on in someone’s life, and I for one, want my children to know that a healthy mind is the FIRST step to obtaining a healthy body, that they won’t have a healthy mind if they listen to your opinions, and that there are so many different body types in the world and not everyone is going to fit into that one box that the media is trying to portray."

"So to all the people who posted positive, supportive and inspiring comments- thank you for being the type of person we need in this world. Thank you for building those around you up and making this world a better place to live."

"To all of those who responded on my behalf to all the hateful comments, thank you for taking a stand against bullying. Thank you for making a difference in a world that is too quick to judge."