Incredible ad for driving distracted starring Zoe Bell

Must See 25/01/2019

Kiwi stuntwoman and actress Zoe Bell is one of New Zealand's most successful exports to Hollywood.

She's popped home to Auckland for a flying visit on a mission to complete what she calls one of her most dangerous stunts ever.

It's not hanging off the bonnet of a moving muscle car like she did in Death Proof - it's something a lot more of us can relate to: driving while distracted.

In the past five years in Auckland alone, there's been 26 deaths and over 270 serious injuries attributed to drivers simply not doing the one single thing they're there to do.

"You're taking other people's lives in your hands, that's literally what you're doing when you send a text saying you're running five mins late," she says.

"It might be longer than five mins if you don't get it right."

Bell says even with her training and experience, mistakes can happen if you're not paying attention.

"I'm guilty, I accidentally rear-ended someone whilst texting. There was no real damage, but it definitely made me wonder what would've happened if it had been a kid," she says.

"It does get really easy because you get so comfortable driving cars, especially newer models where everything is automated and cruisy. You might get a disconnect with what's actually happening, which is you driving a huge hunk of metal. At speed.

"I want people to see other people on the phone and be like, 'Shame!' you know - you need it to spread, so that it becomes uncool to take those risks."


Bell will be seen on the big screen this year in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the new film from Quentin Tarantino.

"Quentin called me and said he really wanted me to be the stunt co-ordinator on his film," she says.

"In the movie, there's a stunt co-ordinator, and I play his wife. So I'm the stunt co-ordinator on the movie - in real life, now - playing the stunt co-ordinator's wife in the movie. I love that whole circle of it."

As for her future - Bell says she's enjoying acting again and wants to get into directing.