How to make 2019 your best year yet: a step-by-step guide

Must See 25/01/2019

We're probably all guilty of starting the new year off with the best intentions, only to reach the end of January where all our resolutions have been thrown to the side. 

Executive coach and body mind analyst Suzanne Masefield thinks the reason people fail to stick to their resolutions and achieve their goals is because they don't make a plan.

A general resolution like "be more content" or "learn to appreciate the little things in life" needs to be broken down into tangible goals within the different areas of your life (like communication, career, family and relationships, finances, leisure and health) and then rated in terms of how important each goal is to you.

You then need to follow through with daily actions towards achieving your goals and monitor your progress. A journal is a good way to do this. And last but not least, you need to acknowledge and reward yourself often for achieving smaller goals!

Here's Suzanne's step-by-step guide to making 2019 your year: