Historic artwork ruined by cheeky cat

Must See 07/01/2019

A cat belonging to a famed BBC art expert doesn't share his owner's taste in valuable paintings.

Bendor Grosvenor will be more than £5000 out of pocket after his cat Padme ripped a hole in a 17th-century self-portrait painted by John Michael Wright.

Dr Grosvenor, who appeared in five seasons of art sleuthing show Fake or Fortune, was preparing to send the painting to London to have its canvas strengthened when Padme decided to do a bit of art critiquing, the Telegraph reports.

The feline launched herself at the precious artwork, clawing a "gaping hole" right where Wright's neck used to be.

"I bought this example because it was in excellent condition, with all the original glazes and details wonderfully intact," Dr Grosvenor told the paper.

"Now, it's obviously in less good condition - but at least the cat landed on his clothing, and not his face."

He said despite the likely repair cost being about as much as he paid for it, Padme appears to regret nothing.

In his career, Wright painted portraits for British kings Charles II and James II.