Hilarious video of Irish grandmother trying fast food for the first time

Must See 09/01/2019

An adorable Irish grandmother is capturing hearts and tummies around the world with a video of her experiencing fast food for the first time.

Eva McCarthy, 22, introduced her favourite fast foods to gran Margaret McCarthy, 83, who had never before broken her strict diet of meat, potatoes and vegetables.

In the hilarious footage, university student McCarthy, from Ireland's Cork, gives the retired mum-of-three and shop worker Margaret McDonald's, a margarita pizza, milkshake, hamburger and chocolate chip cookies.

The video shows Margaret enjoying the classic hamburger, but she doesn't like the sweet and sour sauce on her McNuggets, and finds the Fat Al's pizza "too oniony".

"I wasn't too surprised that my grandmother didn't enjoy the sweet and sour sauce from McDonald's as she usually doesn't eat sauces other than gravy," Eva told Caters.

Eva also shared the video on Instagram, where her followers shared their love for her grandmother.

"I'm howling," wrote one fan, while another said Margaret was "too pure".

"Please get an [E!] deal - I would watch it every week," the fan added.