Grandma goes viral with hilarious Boudoir-style photoshoot

Must See 18/01/2019

A US grandmother decided to go in a pretty unique direction with her Christmas gift for her husband, and the result was incredible. 

Lisa wanted to give her husband a portrait of herself for Xmas, while combining her sense of humour and love of knitting - so with the help of her photographer daughter, Samantha Bishop, a hilarious photoshoot was created.

"My mom is actually very modest. So when I said she should do a boudoir shoot so that she can see what I do for a living, she joked, 'Only in a bathtub full of yarn' — thinking I wouldn’t make it happen," said Samantha.

The photoshoot blew up online, with thousands of likes and comments such as "Cute? That right there is sexy confidence," and "Just too funny. I want to be her. And I think I have enough yarn too. Here’s to crafty ladies everywhere."

The mother-daughter team put the final photoshoot into a book for Lisa's husband Mike, and you can see by his face how amused he was by it all:

According to Samantha, her mum loved the results so much that she asked to do another shoot to surprise her husband for their wedding anniversary.

“My mom apparently got a big confidence boost for her first shoot, because she decided we needed to do a second, saucier shoot for her and my dad’s anniversary next week,” Samantha said.