Dairy-free vegan Magnum ice cream to launch in NZ

Food 16/01/2019

One of the world's top-selling ice cream companies, Magnum, is launching two new vegan products in New Zealand next month.

From February 18, Classic and Almond Magnums will be available as part of their vegan range, 'Magnum Dairy Free'.

Instead of using dairy milk and cream, the ice cream is made from pea protein, while the chocolate is made from vegan chocolate.

Already launched in the UK last year, the three-pack dairy-free range is slightly more expensive than the standard four-pack Magnum flavours.

Producers Unilever says the ice creams are certified vegan and the chocolate cocoa beans come from rainforest friendly certified farms. 

New Zealand was ranked third in terms of vegan interest per head of population, as seen by vegan-related Google searches made in 2018.