Cat owners share the best way to protect their cats in this heat

Must See 31/01/2019

Cities around New Zealand hit record highs on Tuesday, with many parts of the country reaching 30degC.

While humans are able to take the necessary steps to cool down, our feline friends need a helping hand.

Cat parents took to Facebook to share how they were helping their furry kids cope with extreme temperatures, with some unexpected tips.

Many owners advised placing your pet in front of a fan or air conditioning unit, and others recommended a cooling mat picked up from Bunnings.

Another tip was to put ice cubes in your pet's drinking bowl.

Karen of Wellington, where temperatures broke a 90-year record on Tuesday, shared a video of her attempt to do just this - but her cat, Nox, misunderstood what these foreign objects were.

Nox thought his Mum had given him some new toys to play with, but seemed to be quite disappointed when his toys melted.

New Zealand is showing no signs of cooling down today, so keep an eye on your pets and use these tips to help them out.