7 year old fan of Fish of the Day pens a heart warming letter to Clarke Gayford and Jacinda Arden

Must See 23/01/2019

Clarke Gayford met one of his biggest fans on Monday night - a seven-year-old fishing fanatic called Luka Von Keisenberg, who melted hearts with his appearance on The Project NZ.

Von Keisenberg wrote a letter expressing his love for Gayford's TV show Fish of the Day, as well as a thank you note to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, thanking her for allowing her partner to take some time off dad duty.

"It's so cool that you are making another series of Fish of the Day," the letter reads. 

"I like watching the episodes because I love fishing. If you ever come to film near Kapiti Island, can I come on the boat with you?"

Determined not to leave the leader of the country out, Von Keisenberg also thanked Ardern for "letting Clarke take time away from looking after Neve to make Fish of the Day for me to watch."

The ambitious young fisherman joined The Project via Skype to meet his hero, explaining that he loves to watch Gayford in action.

"When he has a fish on, he doesn't always catch it in one go," Von Keisenberg explained.

After an impressive display of the size of the biggest fish he'd ever caught, the Fish of the Day fan was made an offer he couldn't refuse by the star of the show himself. 

"Do you think, maybe, if I'm ever down your way... local knowledge is always best, [so] you might be able to take me out sometime and show me some spots?" Gayford asked.

The answer was a resounding "yes!" prompting laughter from the audience, while Jeremy Corbett suggested Gayford hold onto the note to show his partner next time he needed a fishing break.