Woman breaks records for charity at 102 years old

Must See 18/12/2018

At the ripe age of 102, an Australian woman has become the oldest skydiver.

Irene O'Shea is a keen skydiver and marked her 100th birthday with the leap as well. Two years after the occasion she has done it again breaking more records.

SA Skydiving in Adelaide is who she has done her skydives with and Jed Smith, they have since congratulated her after the tandem jumps,

"An incredible woman, achieving incredible things," the company said.

O'Shea is a great-grandmother, and her son-in-law Mike Fitzhenry said there was no talking her out of the jump.

No, not with Irene O'Shea, you don't try and talk her out of anything,

"She decides what is going to be and you go with it."

Irene did not only jump to break records, but her skydive was also raising funds to research further into Motor Neurone disease, what an incredible woman!