Tip Top stops production of Cookies and Cream ice cream

Must See 03/12/2018

Tip Top has admitted one of its more popular ice cream flavours is still missing from shelves, and there's not currently a concrete plan to bring it back.

Two litre tubs of cookies and cream were removed from supermarket shelves a year ago, according to a report from Stuff, but it's still missing.

Some may not have noticed the flavours disappearance, but social media users were upset on Saturday after discovering it was still gone.

"Somehow they left Neapolitan," one Reddit user wrote.

"I'm still mourning the discontinuation of Dessertalicious from about 15 years ago," another said.

A spokesperson for Tip Top told Newshub it would let fans know as soon as it has a confirmed date for the ice cream flavour's return.

"Tip Top is currently assessing when we can bring Cookies & Cream 2L back to supermarkets. We know this is a flavour kiwis love and we’ve been listening closely to the feedback we’ve received via social media," they said.

Local ice cream shops will still have the larger boxes of cookies and cream available to be sold in dairies as scoops.

New Zealand company Much Moore is still selling cookies and cream ice cream in the 2L tubs.