New Zealand's heartwarming response to elderly man who had to put his dog down

Must See 18/12/2018

An elderly Northland man who was forced to put his beloved dog down on Monday morning has received an outpouring of support from New Zealanders.

Jim Morgan was out walking his 12-year-old dog Sandy on Sunday morning in Kaikohe when they were attacked by six unrestrained pig dogs. 

Following the attack, Sandy was so badly injured that the kindest thing to do was put her to sleep.

Mr Morgan is 96 years-old, and profoundly deaf. He is also almost completely blind.

"I can't read a book or watch TV. All I had was walking my dog, and now I have no dog," he said,

Since Mr Morgan's story went viral, hundreds of New Zealander's have shared their love and support in the wake of Mr Morgan's heartbreaking loss.

Due to the generosity and kindness of strangers, the vet bills for Sandy's treatment have now been paid off in full, with donations still coming in. 

Kerikeri vet accountant Megan McCracken told Newshub that "I believe [the bill] has been paid in full by members of the public".

And there's more financial support coming for Mr Morgan, according to Cynthia Moran, a close friend of his.

"There's going to be an account set up for poor Sandy's cremation, and a friend of mine is going to set up a Givealittle page as soon as he can," she said.

According to Mr Morgan, his loss has reached around the world.

"I have been told that someone in America has sent money," he said.

Ms Moran told Newshub that not only has he received money from the US, he's also received "chocolates from Switzerland".

Aside from the financial contributions, messages of love have been flooding in on Facebook for Mr Morgan.

Others have welcomed Mr Morgan to their homes for Christmas, or offered to send cards.

Some have even asked if it is possible to get him a replacement for Sandy. However, Mr Morgan says that "at my age, I'd be worried to have to train a new dog".

After being read some of the comments from Facebook, Mr Morgan said he just wanted "to thank them all very much. It's very appreciated. I just am unable to read it myself."

Anyone wishing to send messages of support can email them through to

They will then be to be forwarded through to Ms Moran and read to Mr Morgan.

For financial contributions, local newspaper The Northern Advocate has invited people to drop their donation off at their office at 88 Roberts St, Whangārei.