German streets accidentally flooded with chocolate!

Must See 14/12/2018

Forget owning a chocolate factory. Imagine living in a town flooded with the oozy sugary treat.

That became a reality for Westoennen, a town in the northwest of Germany, which had its streets paved in chocolate after it oozed out of the local DreiMeister factory, reports The Guardian.

Around 25 firefighters were called to the scene when the chocolate spilled out of a tank on the factory's property and onto the road where it solidified.

Hot waters and torches were used to soften the substance, with firefighters using shovels to pry it off the road.

The factory's boss Markus Luckey told local newspaper Soester Anzeiger it would be back up and running on Wednesday (local time) and that it was lucky the spill didn't happen closer to Christmas.

"That would have been a catastrophe," he said.