Facebook warns about new New Zealand scam

Must See 03/12/2018

People are being warned to be careful what they share on Facebook, in the wake of a new trend of scams asking users to share a post to win a tiny home.

The fake giveaways have stolen pictures and names from legitimate New Zealand tiny house pages and have asked users to share or sign up to a page to win.

Stuff reports the scammers then try to gather as much information about a person as possible, including bank account numbers.

Facebook page Tiny House Living in NZ has warned followers to always check to see if the competition has terms of conditions, or if the image used was stolen.

"People think they are legit as they have thousands of likes and shares or people are recognising the page names," it said in a post.

"They are getting these by stealing photos from real Tiny Homes and creating fake giveaways."

The page advised people to tell their friends if they saw them sharing the scams, and report any posts they saw to Facebook.

Commission for Financial Capability fraud education manager Bronwyn Groot told Stuff data mining scams are becoming increasingly common.

"You're helping the scammers by liking, by sharing, you're helping spread the virus," she said.

"As soon as you like it you are giving them access to information which they are probably then data mining that information and on-selling it."