Cute boy masters airline safety briefing

Must See 11/12/2018

Eight-year-old Beau is setting his sights high when it comes to his career.

The Melbourne boy, a triplet, recently took his first flight from Melbourne to Cairns and has been obsessed with the safety briefing ever since.

The brother of Abbey and Cooper built his own safety demo kit as soon as he and his family returned from holiday, and using household items, frequently performs safety demonstrations for his siblings.

A video of Beau's briefings was sent to JetStar. The airline then surprised Beau with a visit to their cabin crew training centre and gifted him a lifejacket, oxygen mask and safety briefing card.

So, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position, your electronic device is not set to airplane mode, then sit back, relax and enjoy Beau's demonstration in the video.