Amazing save from stray dog

Must See 05/12/2018

An unlikely canine hero has come to the aid of a football goalkeeper in Argentina.

In a third-division match just outside Buenos Aires, Belgrano goalie Brian Leandro Olivera made a glaring blunder with his clearance, hoofing it directly into the back of a Juventud forward.

The attacker quickly pounced on the loose ball and shot towards what should've been a wide-open goal, if not for a bonus four-legged defender, who turned up just in the nick of time with the most clutch display of 'go fetch' you'll ever see.

The stray dog timed his run across the pitch to perfection, deflecting the shot away for what we can only assume would've been a corner kick.

What a good boy/girl!

Stray dogs have become a genuine problem in Argentina, where local government has begun rounding up stray females to be spayed.

Try telling that to the Belgrano goalie.

Ultimately, the dog's stellar effort didn't matter, as Juventud bolted to a 3-0 victory... just in case you cared.